DarkScape, a spin-off from RuneScape

RuneScape continues to expand. Jagex has just announced the launch of DarkScape, a new free to play PvP sandbox MMO set in an alternate universe. The game is accessible using a RuneScape account and RuneScape members get 50% extra XP, double bank space and an extra item kept safe on death (which means quicker progression).

DarkScape image

"As big fans of sandbox survival games, DarkScape was born from an idea we first bandied around the studio a couple of years ago. Even while it's been on the backburner, it's stayed with us," said Conor Crowley, senior producer of DarkScape. "Developing a new take on the world of RuneScape, one where PvP gameplay rules supreme, has proved very exciting. We spent time looking for a way to get DarkScape into the hands of players as soon as possible, so launching the game today is very much an experimental first step. That said, it will continue to evolve and further develop based on how players explore our fresh take on a deadly MMO experience!"

The world of DarkScape includes areas of Gielinor usually reserved for RuneScape members and it's divided into low, mid and high-risk regions, each with its own economy its own limited banking and strict teleportation limits. In the zones of maximum threat players will find the most valuable resources and high-level content.

Basically, in this game players compete to get resources. Key features include:

  • Open PvP gameplay across the game world

  • Legacy RuneScape combat system only

  • Items not stowed in a bank vault are dropped upon death

Source: Jagex press release.

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