CrossFire has released a new gameplay mode, the Biohazard Mode

The latest update to SG Interactive’s free-to-play MMOFPS Crossfire: Europe has introduced a new gameplay mode, the Biohazard mode.

This new gameplay mode allows up to four players to collaborate to bring down vast hordes of infected soldiers, mutant creatures and terrifying boss monsters.

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In Biohazard mode, the Global Risk counter-terrorist unit discovers that a horrific biochemical experiment has been carried out by the Black List terror organization. Black List was utilizing chemical weapons to mutate its own soldiers, but quickly lost control unleashing infected hordes throughout the secret, Grand Canyon facility. A small team of Global Risk players must now infiltrate the compound and eradicate the horde before it spreads.

The new Biohazard mode offers players the following challenges:

- Wave-based combat: With 18 new monster types, players must hold out as long as they can, stretching ammunition and med packs to the limit. Players’ stout-heartedness will be rewarded with prize crates containing exclusive items after passing each wave tier.
- Cooperate to survive: The only way to make it through Biohazard mode alive is to bring friends and work together. Players who cooperate will earn the best rewards by completing waves.
- Deadly boss monsters: Heraclops and Chaos are the demonic bosses controlling the horde. Only the most dedicated players will get to face them in battle, and even fewer will survive.

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