Counter-Strike Nexon Zombies Interview


In a quickly scheduled meeting with Taejun Choi, the Head of Marketing & PR at Nexon Europe we were able to ask a few questions about their up and coming game Counter-Strike Nexon Zombies. If it’s not obvious from the title alone this is a Counter-Strike (CS) game using the original source engine, but putting a popular zombie twist on the missions, models and maps and, as the title says, it’s developed by Nexon, the huge South Korean games developer, in collaboration with Valve.

Choi was able to walk us through the development of the game, how it differs from other titles in the genre and let us know what players could expect from the MMO. One of the interesting PvP features is players joining the game and starting out as humans and turning into zombies throughout the game and ending up being against everyone, one of the PvE games we think sounds exciting is where players must build up their own shelter, gather resources and then defend it against waves of zombies.

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