Colonies Online, a new Sci-Fi action MMORPG


Iron Bit has just presented their new upcoming Sci-Fi action MMORPG in developement: Colonies Online. Players will be able to enjoy full-featured PvE and PvP modes, and will have the chance to own their area on a planet's surface, build and protect their House.

Moreover, they can create enclaves with other players and build colonies. Colony is a place where researches are conducted, equipment and resources are stored. Therefore, it is likely to become subject to intense interest of competitors. Overtaking a colony is a great opportunity to weaken the enemy as well as loot trophies.


The game is heavily focused on crafting, as “Everything in the game is created by players themselves”. All in-game items are made by players through crafting system. In Colonies Online  there are no level and the progression is based on profressions and skill trees. There is also an Open-PvP mode where up to 100 players can compete in amazing fights.

Source of information: Iron Bit press release

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