Clash of Avatars Goes Into Open Alpha

The year begins with a new browser-based MMORPG: Clash of Avatars. Drawing on inspiration from anime and cosplay, this new title has just entered Open Alpha testing, allowing access to all those who want to enjoy it.

AMZGame opened the door to the Open Alpha (US East) server a few days ago and invite us to test their new browser game. However, before going in, you must know that upon testing completion, all data will be erased.

In this game players get to choose between three possible classes: Mage, Priest or Warrior. After that, you'll be able to choose between following the quest-line either auto-pathing or manual play.

The game feature a colorful world with several pets and mounts to choose, PvE events and PvP game modes. Soon enough we'll be publishing a first look and our first impressions, so stay tuned.

Clash of Avatars image

Source: AMZGame Press Release.

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