Blade & Soul to Launch on January 19

Blade & Soul will officially launch in Europe and North America on 19th January at 05:00 UTC. NCSoft has just announced it. The next Closed Beta weekend for the game has also been announced: it will begin on 24th November and will run until 30th November

This is a big day for us, as we’re able to share the official launch date of Blade & Soul for all Western players”, said Tim Granich, senior director of Marketing at NCSOFT West. “We’ve already had tens of thousands of players in our first two closed beta weekends, and look forward to welcoming many more beginning with the next beta weekend on 24th November and all the way through launch”.

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The game has already a strong eSport's presence. NCSOFT recently hosted the 2015 World Championship for Blade & Soul in Busan, South Korea with over 6,000 people in attendance over two days. NCSOFT plans to have North American and European representatives participate in the 2016 World Championship, following a competitive PvP tournament qualifier in the West. Pre-season rankings in North America and Europe will begin soon after launch.

Name Reservation will be available for Disciple and Master Pack purchasers on 11th January, and the Head Start period for all Founder’s Pack purchasers will begin on 15th January.

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Source: NCSoft Press Release.

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