Black Prophecy: Exclusive interview with its Product Manager

Today we present this exclusive interview with François, Black Prophecy’s product manager, about their free to play fast-paced 3D real-time combat space MMORPG,Black Prophecy.

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Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you about Black Prophecy.

It’s always a pleasure.

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m François, Black Prophecy’s product manager. I began my space adventures with gamigo a little more than a year ago.

How would you describe Black Prophecy to someone who has not heard about it before? What’s special about the game?

Black Prophecy is a revival of the good old and unfortunately forgotten space action genre, which brought us games like e.g. Wing Commander or X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. The difference, though, is that our game is set in an online universe where you can play with or against thousands of other players simultaneously.

For how long has Black Prophecy been in development?

Development of Black Prophecy began in 2006.

Why the game is called Black Prophecy?

I could tell you that, but then I would have to send you to one of the Tyi blood moons because it’s a secret in the game’s story that will emerge as the game continues.

As far as we know, Black Prophecy will be launched initially in the EU and North America. Will there be any kind of IP restriction?

So far only countries in the European Union are allowed to play the EU version while the U.S. version is limited to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Depending on possible future licensing agreements with foreign publishers, we might extend this.

How does the leveling system work in Black Prophecy? What’s the highest level?

It’s basically like in other role-playing games. You receive experience points by playing missions or eliminating enemy NPCs. Once you have reached a specific amount of experience points, you reach the next character level. The current character level cap is at level 40, but we are planning to increase that with future add-ons.

What type of rewards can we expect to see for completing missions?

Besides experience points, you also receive mission rewards, in-game credits and small amount of resources.

What kind of customization options are going to be available? Can we make our ship unique? We are interesting in how the modules system works.

Black Prophecy has a modular ship-building system that enables you to customize your ship to match for your own personal gaming style. Unlike in other games, you are not fixed to the selected character class but can change your ship’s configuration however you choose. It’s up to you if you decide whether you want to fly a lightweight fighter that’s really fast but has less firepower of if you would rather go for a heavy ship with devastating firepower but is slower and less agile.

The spectacular graphics are beyond doubt. But there is a hot topic on the Internet. Can you ensure that Black Prophecy will be free to play? It’s hard to believe, precisely because of its graphics.

Yes, Black Prophecy is free to play and there are no plans to change that.

We have read some comments that say Black Prophecy is extremely instanced. What can you say about?

Extremely instanced would be exaggerated. Solo, team and clan missions are indeed instanced but Black Prophecy also offers a good number of open world sectors.

Can you land on any planet or just stations?

You can land on stations but unfortunately not on planets.

Talking about PvP, are there any special features?

Yes, in Black Prophecy there is a huge emphasis on PvP, particularly for clans. While you can complete regular PvP missions with other players, clans will have the possibility to fight large-scale battles for resources by conquering resource space stations, for example. At a later point we also plan to allow clans to ambush enemy clan stations.

Does it take skill to be the best pilot?

Of course. Your personal skill is crucial for success. Unlike in other online games, items don’t not give your character any benefits such as increasing damage. In Black Prophecy your character skills unlock better items for your ship but don’t influence your combat performance. So it is completely up to you whether you become an ace pilot or not.

Could you talk us about the resources gathering?

Resources can be gathered through regular missions and loot. However, if you need larger amounts, you need to join a clan and go on clan missions with them. These provide significantly more resources.

Thanks you so much. It’s always a pleasure.

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