Black Gold Online unveils its monetization model


Snail Games has just announced the original monetization model that is going to use for its upcoming steampunk MMORPG Black Gold Online. The company is offering a new type of monetization model which is going to offer to the user a purely optional save mode to maintain their in-game progression, which is called "Optimal Time-Based File Save Model."

"We're focusing on giving our players choices when it comes to their gameplay experiences - they decide what premium items to pay for and whether a play session is worth saving," said Shi Hai, Founder and Chairman, Snail Games. "We decided to introduce an innovative monetization model based on player habits and overall gameplay time. Unlike a micro transaction model requiring the player to frequently shop for items, or a subscription-based model where players pay a monthly service, our model allows players to dictate their own gameplay progression."

The game will come without subscription or cash shop; instead, the game will save the player progression in a timeframe which can be set every 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 Hour(s). Players can choose which items or materials to buy from the loot earned in that timeframes, while the basic items can be looted immediatly without purchase. Experience and PvP rank will remain even if you do not pay for that save.

Pricing details for the elements of the Black Gold Online monetization model will be announced later for North America.


Source of information: Snail Games press release

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