Black Gold Online: Revamped Monetization Model for North America

Snail Games' presentation of their monetisation system for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG Black Gold Online last week resulted in a heated discussion among players.

Ambitiously trying to alter the F2P model, the publisher wants to relinquish a cash shop to implement an innovative "Black Gold Time" system instead. This model ist scheduled for launch in China and speculated to be identical across the globe.

For North America, however, the system will be revamped to offer a complete different game play experience. All content will be available to all players who won't be hindered in gearing and progression. They will be able to acquire all levels of items and equipment in-game via questing, battegrounds, auction and world drops as there will be no loot lock. Black Gold Online’s optional time save system is planned to act as a bonus and completey optional feature to supplement normal game progression. PvE experience and PvP rankings will remain unaffected. And finally the system will reward extra loot to players with higher efficiency.

Source of information: Snail Games.

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