Black Desert, First look Gameplay Video

We got an exclusive look at the Black Desert closed beta testing this week, the Korean MMORPG set in a fantasy realm that is due to hit our shores at some point in the near future, though that in itself is complete speculation as we have no idea when we’re going to see this title.. however, from our video I’m pretty sure you’ll think it’s worth the wait.

The testing we had access to, whilst we were privileged to get the chance to be involved, was in parts a pretty frustrating affair as the game is in many ways still very early in the testing phase as they fix localization. A big part of this (but not the only part as we mention in the video) is the language translations, which as of yet are untouched for the available version.

We had a snapshot idea of what the menus were about (from translated screenshots we were provided), but in general we were walking blind and unable to take any quests due to not know what we were being asked to do. What we did get the chance to do was a little PvE, a little exploration and, though unexpectedly, a bit of PvP as well.

Combat is pretty action based, punching a few keys to make some combos and hit some special attacks, you have the ability to manually dodge in and out of combat and there is an element of third person shooter as you have to vaguely aim with your targeting reticule. It felt fast and relatively polished and whilst we only got to sample what was available as a newbie, it was easy to see it at least had potential.

We spent most of our time exploring and taking a look around the starting areas and generally taking in the atmosphere, just look at the video and you’ll see how compelling it is from the glittering sea waves and the surreal falling mist in the swamp area. The attention to detail is remarkable and is without a doubt in any sense of the word a masterpiece, even if the graphics aren’t the newest on the market, very few MMOs will touch Black Desert for its sheer world building efforts.

As we couldn’t quest we did manage to take in quite a bit of the world, including accidentally stumbling upon an open PvP area right outside one of the towns. From what we could tell there was no warnings and we were quickly butchered (but not before getting a few hits in ourselves) but it was a relief to see a more exciting PvP mechanic in the game.

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