Big PvE Update for HEX: Shards of Fate

HEX: Shards of Fate launches today Chronicles of Entrath, a massive PvE update that introduces a single-player campaign for those with less scope for multiplayer action. Watch below a trailer offering a preview.

The update provides players with a solo campaign where they will get to choose a race and a class for their character and then navigate through the new world map, completing quests and dungeons. It's a classic RPG experience in which players will earn equipment, PvE cards and talent points to unlock further skills and class bonuses.

Eight races are available, each with unique bonuses, and can be combines with three classes: Mage, Warrior and Cleric. Depending on the player’s choice of race, a unique storyline unravels around the character. Additionally, there are dialogue options and side-quests available that have a direct impact on the events in the game.

After creating their characters, players receive a starter deck matching their chosen race. The decks of the individual classes differ from one another, and the talent trees unlock class talents which are available independent of race and can be improved once characters level up. Progressing in the campaign will allow more cards to be unlocked.

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Source: Gameforge press Release.

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