Auto Club Revolution brings you to UK


Auto Club Revolution, the driving simulator from Eutechnyx, is going to bring all the players to UK with the introduction of Brands Hatch, the popular British circuit.


We are delighted to add the iconic and challenging Brands Hatch to our section of licensed tracks in Auto Club Revolution,” commented Mark Barton, Creative Manager at Eutechnyx. “By using laser scanning technology we have been able to add a much greater level of detail to the track, giving our fans as realistic an experience as possible through a free-to-play game.


Gerhard Berger, the famous Formula 1 legend, defined the track as "the best circuit in the world". This popular track will be the first reproduced with laser scanning technology to be added into the game. This new technology uses data collating, including CAD, satellite and telemetry data to recreate a faithful high resolution digital version of the real track which features every single detail like tree barrier, fences, paint, depths and angle of curbs.

Source of information: Eutechnyx press release.

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