Most Anticipated Free to play MMO Games 2017

Most Anticipated Free to play MMO Games 2017


We're gearing up for some great looking free to play releases in 2017, with a massive amount of imports coming over from Asia that are set to hit Western players soon, as well as a number of titles more closer to home. Check out our list of the games that we're looking forward to the most, but let us know below which free to play games you're most looking forward to this year!

An asian-fantasy based MMORPG set in a world of rising evil and fierce abominations, the game offers seamless exploration across a vast realm of sprawling wilderness, towering cities, and dangerous dungeons and no loading screens. With stunning visuals and a fantastic music score the game is an immersive roleplay experience and the perfect setting for epic adventure (just check out the "Fly-Through" video of the game world over on their YouTube channel if you don't believe us!)

Already released in Asia Revelation Online will be being published in the west by and provides some exciting fast paced combat options with PVE and PVP, telegraphic abilities, active dodging and combo building. Players will unlock the ability to fly, for open sandbox exploration and even aerial combat able to move fluidly transitioning from air to ground in open world, arenas and castle sieges.


Revelation Online screenshot 1 Revelation Online screenshot 3

Mad-Max meets lego in this "Craft – Ride – Destroy" PVP MMO where players build their own vehicles mounted with weapons and go head to head across various post-apocalyptic arenas and fighting through various game modes. The game provides some pretty intense combat with players able to create thousands of unique and fully customizable vehicles from earned and crafted components.

Battling it out in team based battles players will have various objectives to fight for in their own custom vehicle, whether a three wheeler mounted with a chain gun, or an armored truck with bulldozer shovel and flamethrower. With the modular based design players will add each component to their vehicle in the design phase, from wheels, armor, weapons and tech; all of which can be individually blown off by the enemy during battle.


Crossout screenshot 5 Crossout screenshot 6

Powered by Unreal Engine4 Starfall Tactics is a real time space strategy where players control entire armadas of spaceships in faction based battles with two major elements: tactics and customization. Players can craft and modify a host of different ships with dozens of different unique components to give individual units their own personal abilities to be used in battle as well as different weapon and damage types, where the micro element of the game adds unique player-created tactics that will work for their team composition.

Armada assembled players duke it out across an open world whether battling against AI in randomized missions and even epic multiplayer raids, or fighting against other rival factions and battling for the frontier territories in The Outer Regions and earning rewards for yourself, clan and faction.

Another free to play fantasy MMORPG only this time from Korea, a beautifully designed title with an ultra realistically crafted open world that has no loading screens for the ultimate exploration and a huge quest focused story-driven gameplay.

Players choose from two factions, ten races and eight classes to make their extremely customizable character and engage in a wealth of PVE, raids, PVP and even Realm vs Realm battles.


Bless profile FP8 Bless profile FP9

This Action MMO with strategy elements puts players in control of Fatebinders, those leaders of the endless war that has plagued this world; ancient and powerful the stronger a Fatebinder becomes the more class-based heroes they control with four different classes available and compete in deadly PVP arena battles.

Head out into this dangerous land and collect resources and earn loyal citizens to advance your fortress-city stronghold and build up a skilled populous to craft and adventure for you. From your seat of power shape the world and influence it with intrigue and politics in your quest for ultimate power.


Warhold screenshots announcement x 1 Warhold screenshots announcement 2

Control a warlord during a power vacuum in ancient imperial China and command your own band of soldiers to battle for control of this fractured land. The game is a third person tactical warfare MMO that allows players to battle against each other taking control of an army of soldiers and even their own commander character; battling through objective based battle modes to destroy the enemy warlord players.

With numerous customization options for both the player Adjutant character and their respective troops and equip them with unlocked gear, players can form a team around their own preferred combat style and strategy. Battle across multiple maps in different game modes such as point capture; weaken the rival Adjutant and their troops by capturing points or capture smaller outposts to boost your own units.


tiger-knight-screenshot-3 tiger-knight-screenshot-6

A new super-hero themed MMORPG, in Valiance Online players take on the role of superheroes and villains in the 22nd century where inherent abilities and future tech have given rise to a sweep of "super crime" that only the equally super protectors of this world can help with.

In this quest focused title players will find their home in the city of San Cielo, able to choose from multiple characters to form their Archetype and giving them access to a wide variety of powers and abilities.


valiance-shot-1 valiance-shot-2

This Pokémon style pet/monster capture battle MMO from Nexon sees players adventure across a world that graphically has the look and feel of watching an actual anime, it is quite simply a beautifully designed masterpiece.

The game sees players travel the world as classless characters, picking up abilities depending on the monster pets they have acquired, able to complete quests both from the game or in the form of challenges and player created environments and content designed by other players.


peria-shot-1 peria-shot-2

The follow up for MU Online this 3D MMO Action RPG has hack n' slash action combat, with five gender locked classes and players will advance through huge zones and randomized dungeons, fighting through dozens of enemies at a time and powerful bosses either solo or with a party that scales in difficulty.

Players are able to customize their own characters offering a sophisticated skill customization system, able to gear their character towards their preferred playstyle, as well as further options with pets and gear to offer even more options.


mu-legend-shot-1 mu-legend-shot-2

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