Another Massive Update for Heroes & Generals


Reto-Moto has released 'Walker', a huge content update for Heroes & Generals that introduces new weapons, new ribbons, new scopes, ribbon level completion, more balancing and several tweaks. They have also published a new video where you can watch in detail the highlights of this update. Watch it below.

Walker brings to the game the legendary Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle, which can now be unlocked by German Infantrymen. On the other hand, US Infantrymen can now unlock a new modified M1/M2 Carbine that is able to switch between semi- and full-auto fire modes. Soviets will have to wait for their counterpart, but it will be part of the next major update.

A large range of new scopes are now available as upgrades for semi-auto rifles, bolt-action rifles, the FG-42, the M1 Carbine, as well as the new StG44 and M1/M2 Carbine. The availability of the scopes depends on the weapon and the character class, with Recon soldiers having more and better options than Infantrymen and Paratroopers.

The update also introduces specialist ribbons, where each vehicle and weapon has its own ribbon that unlocks upgrades such as ammunition, supply and medic crates for vehicles, as well as triggers, barrels, internals, ammunition, sights, and scopes for weapons. Some ribbons that previously only held a few unlocks have been combined into a few new ribbons, giving players more frequent unlocks of weapons and vehicles.

Watch the video to know more.

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One Comment - "Another Massive Update for Heroes & Generals"

  1. tantak July 23, 2015 at 7:00 PM -

    instead of optimizing game they make new stuff… and “BETA” still proudly stands in the top right corner… cmon you can’t be in beta forever!

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