Amber Games presents its new browser game Strategoria

Amber Games has presented Strategoria, its new browser MMO strategy game. The game invites you to enter in the pragmatic, cruel, but somehow romantic, world of the Middle Ages, where war is the only true reality.

In the game construction and strategy are together, for example, if you build your castle on a plain, in a forest or near a mine, you'll have different benefits, like the possibility to build traps, foresee attacks or slow the enemy troops. The environment is your ally, use it wisely.

The game also features PvP. Resources are always scarce, and your neighbors always have a few saved. You can trade or you can take them by force, it's for you to decide use the sword or the words. Find new allies, or create enemies, its your decision.

The beta of the game will begin on October 8th.

Source of information: Amber Games press release.


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