AirMech Arena to Arrive on Consoles


Ubisoft's free to play fast-paced AirMerch Arena will be launching this spring as a free-to-play title on PlayStation Network and Xbox One (Xbox Live account required).

In AirMech Arena, players control transforming robots and they must overtake the enemy fortresses while protecting their own. It features different game modes, both PvP (up to 3v3) and co-op PvE (up to 4 friends) and allows players to earn kudos (in-game currency) to to unlock upgrades, new units and pilots, and customize their appearance with exclusive skins and effects.

The game supports a spectator mode, which gives gamers the opportunity to view each other’s matches and see the top competitive players in action. Definitely a game to keep an eye on now that it arrives to the Next-Gen.


AirMech Arena_20150217064619 AirMech Arena_20150217053945 AirMech Arena_20150302062311 AirMech_Arena_Screen_001_1426016501

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