Aika Online unveils its first expansion, Epic II: Exodus

Aika Online introduces its first expansion, Epic II: Exodus.

Epic II: Exodus Starts on August 11th, and in the expansion players can travel to the new island of Traband and find a frozen wasteland filled with fiercely warring factions, ferocious monsters, and challenging quests.


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Epic II: Exodus comes with this features:

  • Tower Wars: Nations battle to seize control over the three towers in Traband. The nation that commands all three gains access to a special area and suffers no debuffs from the ancient towers!

  • New Level Cap: Fight your way to the increased level cap at 75 and get brand new skills and items to enhance your power.

  • New Zone: Traband used to be a temperate and beautiful island, before the Dark Legion built a floating city that sucked the warmth from it, turning it into a frozen wasteland where only the most bloodthirsty beasts survive. Now, the warriors of Aika must fight to reclaim the island and save it from the dark forces that threaten its people.

  • New Mounts: Epic II introduces brand new mounts for each class, from the Rainbow Catacorn to the Black Metal Velostrom.


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Aika’s is going to celebrate some pre-launch bonus events. New and old players can take advantage of XP boosts and win free items to prepare for the update.

  • Triple XP: Play between August 5 and August 9 to receive triple XP and buff up your character in preparation for the new challenges.

  • Hunt Your Enemies: Defeat your foes and collect their skulls to enter a grand raffle for great weapons, items, and more. Enhance the glory of your nation by seizing the grand prize, a unique weapon that only the mightiest can wield. Each skull you collect improves your chance of winning.

  • Play for Rewards: Win prizes for every day you play Aika between now and August with Aika’s Play for Rewards summer event. The more you play, the better the prizes. Submit fan videos or slay your enemies to earn extra days of rewards.



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