Age of Wulin launches a 96 players Battlefield


Age of Wulin (known as Age of Wushu in North America) is going to introduce a brand new huge battleground for up to 96 players with the upcoming Immortal Legends expansion. This expansion and the new battleground are going to arrive on the european servers on May  6th.


Players will join the war between Mongolia and China, taking the side of the mongolian mercenaries or the supporter of Ming Dinasty. There will be two main phases in this war, each one with several tasks and missions available; in example, during the preparation phase you can be involved in tasks such as Escort, camp invasions, boss fights. The battle will see each side trying to kill the enemy officers, take over the enemy barracks and kill the general. Once the general is killed and the camp is captured, the battle ends and the players receive their rewards.

In order to ensure that every player can enjoy the fast paced PvP action, they will divided into three groups: Novice, Intermediete or Advanced.



Source of information: Webzen press release



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