Age of Wulin, The First Expansion Is Coming


Webzen has just announced that Age of Wulin is going to receive the first expansion during next May. The content featured in this long-awaited update called Immortal Legends has been released in 2 separate expansions in other versions of the game, and will include both "Ultimate Scrolls" and "Legends of Mount Hua".


Get ready for a new in-game PvP event for 96 players called Youyun Sixteen Prefectures where you can join the Mongolian invaders or the Ming Dinasty. And if this is not enough you will also have the Mount Hua PvP competition to show your skills and gain unique titles and legendary equipment.


Moreover, thanks to the new Martial Brothers Mentor System, expert players will be able to take new kung fu students under their wing and help them to start their adventure in this wonderful world while receiving some benefits as well.

Source of information: Webzen press release

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