Age of Wulin, new details on crafting and professions system

Age of Wulin, the upcoming "sandpark" MMORPG from Gala Network is currently in closed beta, but the publisher wants to give to all the player that didn't manage to enter the this testing phase, a brief overview on crafting and professions system.

There are four professions categories in Age of Wulin: Manufacturing, Gathering,  Culture and Marketplace.

The manufacturing professions obviously drive the game's crafting. Blacksmiths will be able to smith their own swords, daggers and other bladed weapons. . Chefs will cook meals – a player’s character needs to eat regularly, there’s a complex hunger and tolerance system in the game, and hunger can even effect crafting abilities and the quality of manufactured goods.

Players will be able to sell their goods to NPC, directly to other players, indirectly through auction houses, or on market stalls: They have the chance to bid for market licenses, which allow them to control a booth for a limited time, giving them an additional sales platform. Players can even hire NPC sales staff to increase sales, and work on pricings.

The typical gathering professions are the farmer, fisherman, hunter, woodcutter or miner, and are obviously good to collect resources and earn money.

In the culture and marketplace profession categories players will find some truly unique professions: They can become beggars, musicians, or even Chess-players, a professional gambler who offers to play Chinese Chess. Other jobs are the Scholar, who is an expert in Chinese Calligraphy or the musician, who generates buffs on bystanders – these can be extremely useful in instances.

Each profession in the game is useful and has a precise purpose such as giving buffs or dispel negative effects and points gathered for evil actions like crimes. In addition, their effects become better as the skills' level increase.

Players will be able to learn and train in professions from each category, and thus can work in multiple professions. The professional trainers  can be found everywhere and will be able to teach you their secrets fo few coins. Each job comes with  in-depth training, though, and players have to gather professional experience to make their way through several ranks in each job.

One of the most important aspects of the game is the offline system: when players log out of the game, their character remains in the game world and try to work in one of its professions. The result of this is the  creation of  an active and lively world.

Source of informations: gPotato press release

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