Absolute Force Online removes the closed beta IP block


Absolute Force Online, the free-to-play MMOFPS published by NetDragon, today goes Global. The publisher, due to the huge worldwide success of the game decided to remove the IP-block from its closed beta, so from now everyone can play to AFO from everywhere. Happy international slaughtering to all of you!

We still have some keys from our recent giveaway if you want to try it!

The internet wasn't quiet about this game and a lot of positive reviews can be found online.
      "The Vehicle Mode in AFO is something I never played before, got to

say that was surprisingly funny!"---MMOreivews


     "AFO is a game with fast-paced combat, tons of social features and

innovative game modes, and it's free!"---Freemmorpglist

     "Absolute Force Online is surely a harbinger of change for the
free-to-play FPS genre."---ONRPG

      "AFO is a promising game with highly detailed visuals and
interesting features." ---MMOBomb

      "FPS fans seeking for new challenges should definitely try the
Arsenal Mode in AFO. It's a truly adrenaline-pumping test of

      "AFO's got lots of new interesting ideas that complement the game
quite nicely. If you just want to shoot something up, for pure casual fun,
this is the game you definitely want to try out!"---Gamersbook

The most loyals of our readers surely remember that we published our exlcusive review/preview too. We are going to jump again in the game for some nice murdering, and you?

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  1. Shawn Vegas December 4, 2012 at 3:28 AM -

    No IP block. Great

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