A new update is coming on Pockie Pirates


NGame has just announced the new upcoming Chapter 8 update for its One Piece browser-based MMO, Pockie Pirates, which will be introduced to the game on April 28th.

Chapter 8 will bring into the game the Haki system – a special new ability that players can equip to boost the core stats of their crew.

Unlike other stat-boosting items, Haki is not bound to a particular piece of equipment, allowing players to think tactically and use it to boost any item they own. Deciding whether to use Haki to boost high-level equipment and make it even more powerful, or apply it to the lowest-level equipment to make it more useful, is a tactical choice guaranteed to separate the savvy from the sea-sick on the Grand Line.

Moreover, the new Ladder Battles and Battle Royal mode await the most corageous players and will reward the strongest pirates with for top prizes and honor.

In addition, new character are also available to recruit.

Source of information: NGame press release

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