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  • First Impressions on Arena of Fate
  • This weekend we tested Arena of Fate (probably you already watched our first look video), so here we are with our first impressions on the game, currently still in its “Technical Alpha” (though probably not for much longer). As a new player it was a bit of a different experience to having...
  • Arena of Fate Enters Closed Beta & New Trailer
  • Sherlock Holmes takes center stage in the newest trailer for Crytek's free to play MOBA, Arena of Fate, as the game goes into Closed Beta today. The new trailer shows off some of legendary fictional and non fictional characters starring in the game, such as the famous consulting detective,...
  • First Impressions on Paragon
  • First Impressions on Paragon We had the chance to try out the early access of Epic Games’ new MOBA Paragon, a free to play third person title that players who have paid for access have been lucky enough to try out in preparation for the open beta this summer. Another MOBA on the scene...


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  1. bry March 22, 2016 at 10:42 PM -

    Exactly my thoughts about the mobility and game lengths. Average game time is way too long considering the characters are so damn slow. When i played sparrow i realised i was a free kill for anyone and since i play solo i’m never going to have a babysitter to get me to that ‘late-game’ status.

    If you don’t have the right cards there are some heroes that are plain unplayable as well.

    Had a lot of fun with Rampage though, that’s a cool hero.