Arena of Fate videos

  • First Look at Arena of Fate
  • This week we checked out Arena of Fate, the free to play MOBA being developed by Crytek that puts a new spin on the traditional three lane MOBA with their point scoring shorter match lengths where players can step into the shoes of some of the most famous faces from history and fiction. The...
  • Arena of Fate Gameplay Trailer
  •   Have you ever dreamed of being Robin Hood or Joan of Arc? Well, Crytek's upcoming free-to-play MOBA Arena of Fate allows you to fulfill your dreams. And today a brand-new video has been released showing gameplay footage. Exciting 5vs5 battles with legendary characters. If you are...
  • Little Red Riding Hood at Gamescom
  •   At the end of our second day at Gamescom we had a meeting at the Crytek booth where we were getting the chance to check out Arena of Fate their new MOBA that they aren’t calling a MOBA (but is very much a MOBA). The game is like many others that are currently out there, very much...


3 Comments - "Little Red Riding Hood at Gamescom"

  1. cassio 30/09/2015 at 23:46 -

    como eu faço para baixar esse jogo, Arena of Fate.

  2. cassio 30/09/2015 at 23:47 -

    como eu faço para baixar esse jogo Arena Of Fate.

  3. cassio 30/09/2015 at 23:47 -

    me manda um link por favor qurero muito jogar esse jogo.