Arena of Fate screenshots

  • [GC 2015] Interview with Game Director for Arena of Fate
  • Arena of Fate is another new MOBA gearing up to enter the genre in, what many would say, is quickly becoming a quickly overpopulated market and at Gamescom this year our own meetings were definitely more MOBA heavy than normal. The game itself follows a more traditional MOBA style including...
  • Crytek unveils Arena of Fate
  •   We were talking about it yesterday and now here it is: an all-new IP from Crytek with iconic figures like Red Riding Hood, Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper or Baron Münchhausen. Arena of Fate is an action-packed online multiplayer game coming to PC and consoles. It is scheduled to enter...
  • Crytek will unveil 2 new projects at E3 2014
  •   E3 2014 is almost here and rumours run. We've known that Crytek will apparently reveal two new games at this year's E3. And one of them is possibly a new MOBA game. The first one is totally uknown, codenamed Project Grave. And the second one is called Arena of Fate, a free to play...


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