Path of Exile Breach League Coming on December 2


Path of Exile will release its next content update, Breach League, on December 2nd. This new expansion will introduce a new 64-bit client that uses DirectX 11, graphical improvements to early Act One areas, a new alternate realm, new bosses, new items, a new channeling support gem and unique golem jewels.

With the new performance improvements, the game client will be a lot faster. But that's not all, the new client will also introduce some technical improvements, such as a new cloth physics system and new fog.

Players will get to enter the Breach, a new reality where they will get to fight monsters and to find treasures. Monsters from the Breach drop new and special items. And players will also find splinters. When combining 100 splinters of the same type, players can create a Breachstone, an item that allows to travel into a Breachlord's domain.

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