Merc Elite Shows off the heavy gunner


Merc Elite, the upcoming military MOBA from Bigpoint, shows us today one of the unique classes of the game, the Heavy Gunner, with a bunch of new screens and a new video. The game is going to be launched in autumn 2013 as a free-to-play browser title. Let's give a look at the trailer:

The Heavy Gunner is the perfect class when it comes to defending captured domination points as he can set up a perfect defensive position with his “Bounding Mine” skill, taking cover from afar and providing cover to his comrades. He can also destroy the targets from afar with his "Shock RPG" and "Roket Barrage" skills.




Just like each class, the Heavy Gunner can be further customized and upgraded thanks to 8 character tiers with a lot of unlockable skills.

Source of information: Bigpoint press release