– Gamescom 2012 – Planetside 2 exclusive presentation

Escorted into a nice sized presentation room we took a seat in front of the guys of ProSieben to get a look at Planetside 2. On a large screen taking over the wall the presentation started by launching straight into the recent cinematic of the New Conglomerate jetpack trooper charging into battle to plant a homing beacon within enemy territory for a drop site. From here the presenter walked us through the various features of the game including the different factions, classes and vehicles.

Talking about “Limitless Customization” we were shown how to upgrade and customize your weapons, gear and skills to play your class how you want to play them. The presentation goes on to walk us through the Players Site where they can find out various stats and facts on their characters with achievements earned, kill-death ratios, etc. and the iOS/Android app that will be available to keep an eye on what is going in the game with a mobile link up. Finishing with a cinematic made up of some beta game play it is definitely a game to keep your eye on.

Planetside 2 is currently in closed beta with no announced release date.

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