Gamescom 2011 – Victor Kislyi has presented World of Warplanes

You can take here a detailed look of World of Warplanes, the future MMO of based on aerial combat with military aircrafts from the period 1930-1950.

We were fortunate to attend a private presentation of the aerial combat gameplay and the pilot was the CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi.

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World of Warplanes rides the wave of success of World of Tanks and project the players in a constant struggle for air superiority. World of Warplanes present a wide range of warplanes, each unique in its effectiveness and behavior.

Virtual pilots can choose three major classes of aircraft, from light single-engine planes for close combat, heavy fighters with their deadly attacks and ground attack aircrafts designed to attack ground targets such as tanks or enemy troops.

Victor told us that the game would adopt the same economic model as World of Tanks, free to play then. The game is currently in Alpha testing in Russia and Wargaming should launch the Russian closed beta by the end of the year. Like its predecessor, the game will be first tested by the Russian public and then at European and global level.
In terms of gameplay, the game opts for a kind of mixture between flight simulator and arcade game. However, aircrafts are photo realistic based on actual World War II models (several hundreds should be available), which gives a fairly realistic sensation of pilotage. To control the planes players can use the mouse and the keyboard to allow a gameplay accessible and full of action.

The most important thing, said Victor, is that the game has to be fun even if it’s not totally exact in a historical perspective. World of Warplanes gave us the impression of being the counterpart, not only in the sky but also more fast paced of World of Tanks. From a technical and graphical point of view, the game should have the same ultimate standards that World of Tanks, which makes it even better.

Finally, would implement a system of unique accounts that will allow to use the experience points and other benefits earned in World of Warplanes in World of Tanks and also in World of Battleships (currently in the early stages of development) and vice versa.

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