July 25, 2013 | 8:06

League of Legends League of Legends is a free to play fast-paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where players fight against each other in exciting team based PVP using a… More »

F2P News January 16, 2013 | 11:43

League of Legends big news for ranked play   Riot Games just announced some interesting details regarding a new league system for the ranked matches of League of Legends that will allow all players that are level 30 and have… More »

October 13, 2012

  We recently got the chance to check out the new MOBA from BigPoint, Shards of War, a futuristic twist… More »

F2P News October 1, 2012 | 15:41

League of Legends: Video preview of Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver Here is a video preview of Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver, the new champion to join League of Legends. A flexible jungle assassin, Kha’Zix excels at surprising enemy champions and quickly dealing massive… More »

September 26, 2012 | 12:13

Heroes Evolved OVERVIEW This lightweight MOBA only takes up 35mb on your system but provides an exciting feature packed title with detailed 3D graphics, over 50 playable heroes and multiple… More »

September 8, 2012

First Impressions on Arena of Fate This weekend we tested Arena of Fate (probably you already watched our first look… More »

June 5, 2012

Supernova Alpha Review   This week we took a little extended time to check the new Alpha stage MOBA from… More »

February 10, 2011 | 11:29

Hyper Universe GENRE: Free to play MOBA PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Nexon OVERVIEW Hyper Universe is a MOBA MMO with the added twist of being a 2D platformer in style, providing… More »

November 23, 2010

First Impressions Paladins We got the chance to check out Paladins, the new first person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios (Tribes:… More »

August 8, 2010 | 9:47

Master X Master   GENRE: Free to play MOBA PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: NCSoft OVERVIEW A free to play MOBA, Master X Master sees many heroes from the various NC Soft… More »

May 21, 2010 | 14:25

Korner 5 GENRE: Free to play MMO Football Simulator PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Playdat OVERVIEW An exciting and challenging football MMO Korner 5 lets players step into the studded boots as… More »

January 2, 2010 | 17:27

Planet of Heroes GENRE: Free to play MOBA PLATFORM: iOS and Android DEVELOPER: Fast Forward OVERVIEW Planet of Heroes is a free to play MOBA for mobile devices, available on… More »