Browser Games

January 14, 2004 | 13:09

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO Platform: Web Browser Developed By: Night Owl Games  Overview Step into the shoes of a struggling overlord simply on a journey of world domination,… More »

January 14, 2004 | 11:19

Developer SpicyHorse Studios Platform Internet browser Overview set in a world of collectable toys that fight each other, players can take to the battlefield in real-time battles with a whole… More »

January 7, 2004 | 8:50

GENRE: Free to play Shooter MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Linux / Browser / Android / iOS DEVELOPER: Trendy Entertainment / Nom Nom Games OVERVIEW Monster Madness Online is… More »

January 14, 2003 | 16:46

Developer: Platform: Internet Browser SYNOPSIS  Gameglobe is a unique free to play browser-based game that allows players access to endless game worlds and creative possibilities. It is a platform… More »

December 13, 2000 | 16:12

Developer: OGPlanet Platform: internet browser SYNOPSIS Heroes of the Realm is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMO that is still in development. HotR blends elements from the simulation, card collection, strategy,… More »

October 6, 2000 | 15:08

  Developer: NGames Interactive Limited Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Based on Cyber Monster and Pokemon, Cyber Monster 2 is free-to-play turn-based browser MMORPG in which players enter a magical land… More »

September 16, 2000 | 21:08

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO Platform: Internet Browser Developer: IGG  Overview This flash browser-based fantasy strategy uses those combat rules laid out in advanced D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) where… More »

September 16, 2000 | 15:05

Developer: R2Games Entertainment Inc Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Yitien Chronicles is a free-to-play Chinese-themed browser MMORPG in which players will travel the world of Yuan Dynasty, China on a quest… More »

September 13, 2000 | 16:13

Developer: Perfect World Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Fortuna is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORTS, set in Europe during the Renaissance era, the golden age of discovery. The title offers players a… More »

August 29, 2000 | 9:19

  GENRE: Free to play City Management MMO PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Goodgame Studios OVERVIEW Shadow Kings – Dark Ages is a free to play browser-based MMO that revolves around… More »

March 21, 2000 | 13:13

Developer: KoramGame Ltd. Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Everlight is an upcoming free-to-play browser-based fantasy action role-playing game (ARPG) that takes place in an ancient fantasy world where lost civilizations, myths… More »

March 17, 2000 | 8:02

GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: NGAMES OVERVIEW Pockie Kingdom is a free to play web-based horizontal strategy set in the European Middle Ages where players… More »