Forge of Empires reaches the Postmodern era

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Forge of Empires has just announced that the postmodern era is finally arrived on the English speaking game worlds and that will be available on all the other versions starting from June 3.

With this new era, players will be able to follow a new storyiline in line with the new 70s/80s setting . Of course there will be new buildings such as toy factories and junkyards and new technologies to unlock, like "industrial steel" and "space flight".

You can put your hands on new specialized buildings such as steel plants and car factories, while The Habiat and Cape Canaveral will enrich the avalable great buildings.


Postmodern era image

There will also be a new continent with 12 provinces and new military units which will help you to conquer the new jungle-themed areas.


Source of information: InnoGames press release