Blade & Soul Launching Vengeance Breaks on June 1


Blade & Soul will release its next content update, Vengeance Breaks, on June 1. This content update will introduce pets, a single-player new challenge, new heroic dungeons, and the second part of Silverfrost Mountains' act 4.

Once the update is released, players will be able to get pet companions that follow them and provide a defensive buff.

Vengeance Breaks will also present the Tower of Infinity, a single-player challenge that pits players against time as they climb and fight random mobs on each floor.

Three are the new heroic dungeons coming to the game: Sundered Nexus, available in 4- and 6-member modes; the daily dungeon Altar of Divine, available only in 6-member mode; and Zaiwei Ruins, a 24-member open world dungeon.


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