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  • Gigantic Stress Test on June 30
  •   Free to play shooter MOBA Gigantic will conduct a stress test for PC and Xbox One on June 30. Those selected for the playtest will be able to pre-load the client this week before the event takes place. To sign up simply click on the Play button. And if you want to know more about...
  • [GC 2015] First Impressions on Gigantic
  • At Gamescom we checked out one of the newest third person MOBA Shooters on the market; Gigantic, the 5 v 5 team battle where players have to fight alongside a huge AI controlled boss whilst simultaneously fighting another team who also have a boss. The game has been floating around for a...
  • A New “Gigantic” MOBA Is Born
  •   A new free-to-play MOBA has been announced: say "hi" to Gigantic, the new game from Motiga, which promises to use physics-based abilities and controls to reinvent the genre with the chance to aim, dodge, destroy the environment and more. "It’s hard to pull something like this...


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  1. Liberty 19/07/2016 at 23:27 -

    Action requires knwdleoge, and now I can act!