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  • Warframe’s The War Within Available on Consoles
  • Digital Extremes has released The War Within, Warframe's biggest update to date, on consoles. This massive content update is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, introducing a new cinematic quest, new enemies, new weapons, a new mission type and new customizations. This update...
  • Warframe: The Good & The Bad
  •   In Warframe players take on the role of Tenno, ancient warriors of blade and gun that had mastered the Warframe armor; in stasis until the galaxy needed them they now return as the Grineer seek to control the solar system. A fast paced action combat RPG, players can battle it out...
  • Warframe Credit Booster Packs Giveaway
  •   Warframe's The Silver Grove¬†update went life a few days ago (PC version) and to celebrate it we are giving away 3-day credit booster codes that double the amount of resources players earn from pickups. To give everybody a chance, codes will be added today, August 22, at 9am PST...


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