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  • War Thunder Officially Released
  •   War Thunder's latest update, 'Way of the Samurai' marks the end of the Open Beta. The game leaves behind another phase and moves on to its final stage. This update introduces Japanese vehicles, cockpit interiors for all planes, two new maps and some additional improvements. Watch...
  • Summer Update for War Thunder
  •   War Thunder celebrates summer with a new content update, 1.61, introducing new tanks, new planes, some modifications, the new reinforcement feature, and squadron battles seasons. The update adds the medium American tank M60A1 and the medium Soviet tank T-62. The first features...
  • The Royal Armour Rolls Out in War Thunder
  • War Thunder's latest content update, 'Royal Armour', introduces British Ground forces, new tanks, self-propelled guns, new vehicles and the first desert-themed maps. A new trailer has been released, which you can watch below. The update will add to the popular MMO WWII online title three...


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