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  • Elsword Launches Transcendence Phase 3
  •   Elsword receives a new content update, the third part in the Transcendence series, introducing the final 68 skills. Every character has been now updated. All three job paths get 1 new active and 1 new passive skill. In total, the Transcendence update series has seen the release...
  • Third Class Update for Luciel in Elsword
  •   Elsword receives today a new content update introducing the third job path for Luciel and new in-game events. Watch the gameplay trailer below to see the new classes for this dual character. Luciel allows players to switch between two different stances, melee (Lu) and ranged (Ciel),...
  • Third Class Update for Rose in Elsword
  • Elsword gets today a new content update that introduces the third Job Path for the newest character: Rose. This new evolution brings a new whole element to both PvE and PvP, giving Rose more mobility as she uses the new Nitro Motor or displays her aerial combat superiority. A trailer has...


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