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  • The Monk Awakes Today in Conquer Online
  • The Awakening of the Monk expansion arrives today in Conquer Online, introducing a brand new weapon for the monk class, the Divine Pillar, three epic skills and a month of extra rewards for those playing with a monk. Only those monks who complete some challenging quests will be able to...
  • New details of Kingdom War, Conquer Online’s upcoming expansion
  • Conquest Online has presented the main features of its upcoming expansion, Kingdom War. Among the most important features of this expansion we can find the arrival of Kingdoms, Emperors, War Chariots, the new Tempest Wings, and of course the new Kingdom Wars. In Kingdom War, the leader...
  • Conquer Online King of Kung Fu Expansion Giveaway
  •   King of Kung Fu, Conquer Online's latest expansion, arrives today (October 30th), introducing to the game a new class: the Dragon Warrior. And to celebrate it we are giving away limited newbie packs for new players from now through November 30th. Each pack includes: EXP Ball(B)...


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