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  • Robocraft Releases Battle for Earth Expansion
  •   Robocraft releases today Battle for Earth, a brand new expansion that introduces the long-awaited Team Deathmatch game mode, the first map set on Earth, and an avatar system. Players can now select an avatar from dozens of avatars to have their own image in menus, leaderboards and...
  • Robocraft Launches Maximum Loadout Expansion
  •   Robocraft has released 'Maximum Loadout', its seventh expansion, introducing weapon switching, new gadgets, combat modules and several tweaks, such as reworked weapons or projectiles being tracked more accurately. The expansion adds many changes that improve the game's core. For...
  • All-Against-All Mode for Robocraft
  • Robocraft is adding a new PvP game mode with its latest expansion. The game mode, 'Legends of the Pit', is an all-against-all battle mode where players will have to fight against each other without mercy. Players of all levels of talent in battling and crafting are eligible to enter the...


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  1. Gerry 20/07/2016 at 02:11 -

    That’s not even 10 mintues well spent!