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  • Paladins Coming to Tribal Wars
  •   InnoGames has unveiled a new feature coming to Tribal Wars: Rise of the Paladins. This new gameplay element allows players to recruit up to ten paladins and use them on the battlefield. The developer and publisher has released a video in which Lead Community Manager Timothy gives...
  • Evie Arrives in Paladins
  • Meet Evie, Paladin's new champion, already available in the Closed Beta with the latest content patch. She is a blue-headed winter witch with high mobility. She can create an illusion of herself, teleport a short distance and, of course, soar above the ground on her staff. Check out the...
  • More Paladins Gameplay Videos
  • Today we have for you a few more videos featuring Paladins' gameplay. Yesterday we showed you Ruckus and Skye in action, today it's the turn of Barik, Cassei, Fernando and Pip. Hope you like them! Let us know what you think in the comments Below. Barik is a dwarf who can use devices of...


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