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  • First Gameplay trailer unveiled for MapleStory 2
  •   A first gameplay video of MapleStory 2 has just been unveiled by Nexon today. The video highlights the new graphics and shows the current alpha version of the game in action. You will be able to notice some new elements which weren't featured in the first game, such as wall-climbing,...
  • MapleStory unveils a new Monster Life trailer
  •   Nexon let us give a look at MapleStory's new mini game: Monster Life, which lets you relax and socialize while creating your very own farm, raising monster and more. Source of information: Nexon press release
  • A new character is arriving in MapleStory
  •   Nexon Europe is going to release a new character for its side-scrolling action MMORPG, MapleStory. Mihile, the Knight of Light is a powerful character which feature a rapidgrowth rate and extreme Strength.   Mihile will offer new unique skills such as Link Skill, which...