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League of Legends screenshots


  • League of Legends unveils a new cinematic trailer
  •   Riot Games has just released a new fresh cinematic video for its popular MOBA, League of Legends! Let's give a look at your favourite champions fighting in this new exciting CG trailer!
  • Elise, the Spider Queen has arrived to League of Legends
  • Riot has launched a new champion for League of Legends, the ruthless and lethal Elise, the Spider Queen.  This champion  excels at maneuvering around the map and catch unsuspecting opponents, whittling down enemies in human form before rappelling from the jungle in spider form for a skittering...
  • – Gamescom 2012 – League of Legends presents 2 new champions
  • In the Riot Booth the associate producer revealed us the two last heroes that we’ll see on our screens playing League of Legends: a “jungler” (that is a hero that levels up killing monsters in the jungle and lives to ambush opposite heroes) and a “mid” (usually a magic hero, taking...