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  • Gigantic Goes Into Closed Beta
  • Motiga's free to play shooter meets MOBA title Gigantic enters Closed Beta for Windows 10 and Xbox One today. This test phase will initially run during the weekends, before expanding to a full testing schedule afterwards. New features and regular content updates are planned for closed...
  • Gigantic is Coming to Europe
  •   Even though early stages of Gigantic were limited to North America, we have just known that, responding to the overwhelming sign-ups, this new MOBA game will launch an Alpha server in Europe on December 17. “Gigantic is really resonating with European gamers – in fact, we have...
  • The Most Anticipated Free to play Games of 2016
  • By: David Puig We’ve had our turkey, had our new year’s fireworks, now we’re looking forward to a better and brighter year as we check out some of the Most Anticipated Free to Play Games of 2016; our list scours the world of free to play games and shows up some MOBA, MMO, Shooters...


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