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  • Tournaments Arrive in Elvenar
  •   Elvenar releases today a new feature: Tournaments, a new gameplay element that allows players to earn prizes by taking part in province competitions. Watch the following video to learn more about it:   Tournaments are based on certain region types, and a new one will...
  • Fairies Coming to Elvenar
  •   The March episode of InnoGames TV introduces the Fairies, the upcoming new guest race in Elvenar. In the video, which you can watch below, Game Designer Timon speaks and shows this new race, including buildings, battle units and technologies. The new guest race will add new opportunities...
  • The Dwarves Arrives in Elvenar
  • Elvenar adds today the first unlockable guest race: The Dwarves. From now on, players can unlock the Dwarven Portal in their tech tree, which allows to bring back the ancient race to their city and make use of their knowledge and technologies. The Dwarven Portal gives access to new resources,...


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