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  • Dreadnought Goes Into Closed Beta
  •   Dreadnought will enter Closed Beta on April 29 (scheduled to officially launch this year as a free to play title) and today two Founder's packs that guarantees access to this testing phase have been unveiled. Some months ago, after meeting with the developers at GDC, we published...
  • New Gameplay Trailer of Dreadnought
  • Sign-ups for the upcoming closed beta of Dreadnought on PC have begun. And this announcement comes with an amazing brand-new gameplay trailer that you can watch below. By the way, Dreadnought is expected to officially launch on PC in 2016, featuring competitive and cooperative online multiplayer...
  • The Most Anticipated Free to play Games of 2016
  • By: David Puig We’ve had our turkey, had our new year’s fireworks, now we’re looking forward to a better and brighter year as we check out some of the Most Anticipated Free to Play Games of 2016; our list scours the world of free to play games and shows up some MOBA, MMO, Shooters...


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