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  • Drakensang Online Halloween Giveaway
  • Are you ready for Halloween? Starting today and running until November 11, we are giving away item packages for Drakensang Online, Bigpoint's Diablo-like action MMORPG for Internet browsers. Each pack includes the following items: 3 Simple Repair Kit Tools 10 Lock Picks 999 Essences...
  • Release date of Drakensang’s Rise of Balor Expansion
  • The largest expansion in the history of Drakensang Online will launch on August 26th. Bigpoint have just announced along with a brand-new gameplay trailer, which you can watch below. Rise of Balor unveils a new continent, raises the maximum level and adds 150 new quests. You can find more...
  • Drakensang Online Exclusive Giveaway
  •   Starting today and through July 31, we'll host a special giveaway for new players (exclusive to new players) of Drakensang Online, Bigpoint's free to play Hack n' slash browser based title. Follow the instructions below and you'll receive a pack with the following items: 1 cheeky...


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