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  • Lava flows in Dragon Nest Europe
  •   The summer brings a new level cap to Dragon Nest Europe. The game is raising the level cap from 70 to 80 and introducing new content: two new areas with eight new dungeons, new gear sets and a new Nest. In the new level 80 content players will have to stop King Feather from destroying...
  • Nexon America Launches Major Content Update for Dragon Nest
  •   Nexon America has just launched a major content update for Dragon Nest which will give to the players access to a variety of new endgame content such as a new Desert Dragon Nest, new powerful Gear, and new zones. With the new update, the developers are going to increase the difficulty...
  • Dragon Nest EU, free items giveaway
  • Today we are teaming up with eFusion¬†to offer you this exclusive Free items Giveaway for the European version of Dragon Nest. Promotion Code Benefits; Emergency HP POTION (10), Emergency MP POTION (10), Reliable Hound Pet Step 1. Follow us on Facebook: Step 2. Add your email...


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