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  • Dofus Will Debut on Tablets This Year
  •   Ankama has just announced that the iconic Dofus will be soon available on tablets. This new version of the game will hit tablet devices late this year, Q4 2015. More information will be disclosed this week but we have known that it will feature a re-worked interface and it won't be...
  • A new PvP Battle system, the Kolossium has arrived to Dofus
  • The Kolossium a new PvP battle system, that offers balanced fights to all players with at least, one level 50 character or greater has arrived to DOFUS. The Kolossium has been conceived as a viable alternative mode for the characters´ progression. The Kolossium is a system that organizes...
  • Krosmaster Arena Yugo Figurine Giveaway
  • If you like Wakfu and Dofus you'll probably like this giveaway too. We are giving away Yugo in-game figurines for Krosmaster Arena, Ankama's newest strategy free to play game where we get to collect figures and fight board-battles with different 3D heroes. Check out First Look HERE and our...


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