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  • Call of War Exclusive Giveaway
  • This week we have for you a special and exclusive treat. We are hosting a giveaway for new players of Call of War, Bytro Labs' newest title. The game shares a lot of features with Supremacy 1914 (Bytro Labs' iconic game), but takes players to the World War II and adds new mechanics. Starting...
  • F2PMeter: Is Call of War Truly Free to Play?
  •   We’re putting Call of War through the F2PMeter this week, a free to play WW2 strategy game that can be accessed through your web browser where players can fight as their own country in the Atlantic theatre of war. With dozens of players at a time, and viable win conditions for...
  • Call of War Begins Its Journey
  •   Bytro Labs releases today its next strategy game for Internet browsers: Call of War. You might have heard about it since at this very moment, and through July 12, 2015, we are hosting a exclusive giveaway for new players. Simply signing up via the "play" button below you'll receive...


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