Pox Nora launches Planar Disturbances Expansion

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Pox Nora's 29th expansion, 'Planar Disturbances' arrives today on Windows and Mac. This expansion, as well as the previous 28, will be included in the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of the game when the title launches during Q4 2016.

This expansion adds 49 new runes (collectible cards), including 2 limited edition versions of two already known and 32 new champions. It also adds new relics, new equipment, more than 20 new abilities, and a new questline build upon the story introduced in the previous expansion. Those who venture in the new campaign will be rewarded with a limited edition version of champion Commander Nisk.

"Every developer hopes their game will be successful, but never in our wildest dreams did we imagine Pox Nora would enjoy such long-term success," said Linsay Craten, chief marketing officer, Desert Owl Games. "Planar Disturbances is our gift to the decade-long players, and we can't wait to welcome the PlayStation community into Pox Nora's universe."

Desert Owl Games has published a new video in which Lead Designer Sololov gives us a preview of what to expect. Check it out: